Stable 20230430.1
30 April 2023

  • Website: The Website or Amadeus didn't have any errors in the past days!

  • MAL Club: We just got past the 1337 Members in our MAL Club!

  • Website: We have a new Header / Navigation bar!

  • Website: We have a new Footer!

  • User Profile: We added the "Ranks" in the Badges when you click on them on the profiles.

  • Website: Launched Template 'Modern-v0'! We got rid of 'Layout-v2'.

  • Website: Dark-Mode and Light-Mode has been Revamped!

  • Website: Mobile Users are allowed to visit the website again as of today!

  • Website: Dark/Light-Mode on first entry depends on your Browser Settings.

  • Website: Dark/Light-Mode has been Re-coded.

  • Logging: The Logging page only shows the latest 7 days of entries instead ALL of them.

  • Changelog: The arrows on the Changelog page are now moving (wiggling) for more interaction!

  • Levels: The Min-Max of Levels are adjusted to make more sense before the new Level Cap Integration.

  • User Profile: Got Rank 3 on a certain Badge? This row and all of the rows before are now colored Green!

  • Website: With the new Template, all the Navigation errors have been fixed!

  • Website: The way Tooltips are presented by hovering over an image has been upgraded and is now easier to manage.

  • Logging: Some links within the Logging were broken. These have been fixed for future loggings.

  • Kanban: The mouse-pointer within the Kanban has been fixed as users are not able to move them anyway.

  • Badge: Trophies are also on the Initial Badge pages as of today!

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